Sugar: The Sweetest Way To Die… Discover Why Fructose Is The Most Devastating Of Them All


Sweet, friend in need, very comforting, irresistible, loved by all.

No, I am not talking about my wife. I am talking about a deadly substance called sugar; the most efficient grave digger and creator of misery.

Wait a minute; said my friend.

What on earth are you talking about?

Well, where must I start?

You see the school across the road I said. I bet my bottom dollar, every forth kid in that school is either overweight or obese. In not too distant future, it will be every third.

And the major culprit is the sugar

But we have been eating sugar since time immemorial, and we had no problems, retorted my friend.

Yes, but today we live in a radically different world.

We consumed very small amounts of sugar, and it was sucrose, which is not as devastating as fructose. Today most of the sugar we consume is fructose, and we use it in astronomical quantities.

According to USA statistics, in the last 300 years consumption of sugar has risen from about 2 kg per person per year to about 60 kg. That is mind-blowing 2900% increase; and the body is the same as it was 300 years ago.

I believe consumption in South Africa is not better, if not worse. But, you don’t have to trust statistics, just look around you, and you’ll see a tremendous number of overweight and obese people.

So, why is this happening?

Sweet tooth and the fairy godmother

If you dig deep into the human psyche, you’ll find overriding desire for comfort. In fact, you could say we only have one goal in life; to feel good.

No matter what we do, the result needs to culminate in feeling good. That’s our nature. That is our survival mechanism.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and said; today I’ll make sure to have a miserable day? Of course not.

Unfortunately, sometimes despite the desire and all the effort our day becomes miserable. And that is painful.

We don’t tolerate pain very well.

Immediately, we spring into action to counteract the pain. We seek quickest and easiest available solution.

Here comes the sugar

Subconsciously, over the years, we have slowly learned that sugar is an unconventional pain reliever, comforter and general feel-good maker. We have developed a sweet tooth.

But it’s much more than sweet tooth. Sugar is the most addictive substance on the planet; much more than cocaine, and equally dangerous. And there are many, many more people addicted to sugar than cocaine.

Yet, consume cocaine and you’ll end up in the slammer. But, eat sugar to your heart’s desire.

At the edge of every desire, there is a fairy godmother lurking; magic comforter and the main cog in the feel-good paradigm.

Enter the food manufacturing machine monster

The master mind-reader of unsuspecting victims, smells the blood and goes for the jugular.

But that’s not how they see or portray themselves.

They see themselves as a gift to the world and the main reason why most of us are alive. They are the providers of healthy delicious food we all crave, need and desperately want.

They are the source of pleasure, comfort and major suppliers of feel-good stuff, to the billions of people around the world.

They are the bearers of the future healthy generation.

Yes, they are.

The Trojan horse con

If you look through the thin veneer of the self-aggrandisement you’ll see the real picture. The picture is more horrific than anyone can imagine and even less grasp.

Very few people understand our true present state; even those who are trying to make a positive change.

The glitter of the modern science gadgets, and their ability to make us feel good, is much too blinding for us. It created zombies out of perfectly intelligent people, who have lost the ability to understand even the simplest logic.

Great majority of us are oblivious to the fact that we are drifting towards the abyss, where only disease, pain, and suffering reside. In fact, many of us are already there.

But this is still walk in the park, in comparison with what is pending.

We are on the brink of the unbelievable explosion of diseases, upheaval and ultimate annihilation.

The major culprit is the so-called scientific advancement in agriculture, food manufacturing, and their auxiliary branches.

Governments all around the world have declared the war against terrorism. But they are not aware that they are the greatest terrorists of them all.

They have allowed and extended unreserved support for total destruction of healthy natural food chain, and replaced it with nutritionless feel-good manufactured brew.

The damage they inflict on the world’s population health and wellbeing, only in one day, is incalculably greater than all terrorist bombs put together, now and in the future.

And their master blaster is the sugar

Here is what happens…

The food manufacturing monster is not a single entity, but the association of all branches of “scientific” endeavour. They consist of experts who deal in every aspect of human existence.

Unfortunately, their expertise is focused only in one direction; the no-good direction.

Two of their most potent tools they use, are the almost identical evil tweens, psychology and marketing. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.

Sometime ago they discovered that sugar is a very addictive substance.

They know addiction is always connected to some kind of pleasure, and humans are the sucker for pleasure.

Now they have two deadly components; the only thing left is how to implement them and benefit from it.

The solution is very simple.

Everybody eats food. So let’s add sugar to the food, and plenty of it.

So they did.

The final blend

Natural food to a large degree is not palatable, and it has a relatively short shelf life. So, the master of disaster removed most of the nutrition, replaced it with myriad of chemicals, and of course cherry on top; SUGAR.

The new masterpiece which lasts for ever, easy to eat, tastes good, and addictive as hell was born. In the same instance, the greatest money-making machine and the greatest health wrecker came into being.

This was the day when humanity entered the era of excessive weight, obesity, and chronic disease.

This was the saddest day in human history.

Very few noticed. The reason; “boiling frog syndrome“.  

The aftermath

Just look around you; overweight, obese and sick people everywhere. And the numbers are increasing by the hour.

According to WHO there are more than 1 billion obese people worldwide. It boggles my mind and I am sure it does yours.

The biggest wakeup call is staggering number of obese children. Or should I say it should be a wakeup call. But it’s not. “Seeing is believing,” is not appealing to our senses any longer.

Now we live in a new paradigm of illogical logic.

We simply cannot grasp and admit, that we as a society are in a very serious trouble. We can’t or don’t want to see the impending demise. Some of us have tried, but soon gave up; it’s much too painful.

After all, it’s easier and more comfortable to swim with the current, than against it.

Constant pursuit of instant gratification is the only concept we understand and desire. Instant gratification is our painkiller, our best friend, our problem solver and most of all our guiding light.

The food manufacturing monster is fully aware of this, and exploiting it to the fullest. That’s the reason why they are working so hard to satisfy all our needs, and desires; and increase them.

The result is more drugs, doctors, and hospitals. In other words, more disease, pain and suffering.

And yes, insane amounts of cash. After all that’s the only goal.

The fructose riddle

There are basically three types of simple sugars; glucose, fructose and dextrose. These sugars can be used in combination to form a complex sugar like sucrose; this is ordinary table sugar.

Sucrose consists of 50% fructose and 50% glucose.

Then they are various artificial sugars marketed as low or no-calorie sugars.

All these sugars are heavily processed and damaging to our health; they should be avoided as much as possible. Ideally, it shouldn’t be consumed in any quantity.

But high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which consists of 45% glucose, and 55% fructose is the most dangerous of them all. And it’s the most difficult one to avoid.

This sugar is present in almost any food manufactured product. So, when you eat anything that is not plucked from the tree or picked up from the vegetable garden, you’ll be eating plenty of sugar.

The drinks are no different. Unless you drink only pure water; you’ll die from sugar poisoning.

The food manufacturing Einstein figured out how to make dead cheap sugar, and stuff it in anything he manufactures. He doesn’t give a hoot about the terrible health consequences and destruction of life.

Why is fructose the deadliest of all sugars

The difference between all other simple sugars and fructose is only in the metabolic path. But this small discrepancy has serious implications.

Glucose can be metabolized by any cell in the body, and only about 20% is processed in the liver.  And most of it is stored as glycogen and used as energy. Only unused glycogen is stored as fat.

Whereas 100% of fructose is metabolized in the liver and stored as fat. Which means, when you eat fructose, you are guaranteed to build the fat.

Fructose also creates excessive amounts of uric acid, which is connected to many diseases, including high blood pressure.

One of the serious fructose damaging effects is its interference in the hormonal signaling. Leptin, insulin, and ghrelin are the three hormones which work in conjunction with one another.

Insulin is responsible for energy distribution and storage. Leptin and ghrelin regulate when you should eat and when to stop.

Miscommunication between these hormones creates havoc in the body. The result is excessive eating, cholesterol disfunction, obesity, insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes.

And diabetes is the door for most of the chronic diseases.

Probably, the biggest long-term damage inflicted by sugar is the process called glycation. This happens when sugar interacts with protein without presence of enzymes.

No single process in the body can be more damaging to the cells than glycation. Damaged cells means a sick body. Glycation is the cornerstone of premature aging.

So, how about fructose in the fruit

Many commentators believe that fructose in the fruit is equally damaging. I disagree.

There is a tremendous difference between fructose created by man and fructose created by the intelligence of the universe.

One of the grates failures of mainstream science is that they see everything in terms of a chemical formula. They only see C6H12O6, and they think they know what they’re dealing with, and what they’re talking about.

But it took greatest intelligence billions of years to create fruit. The fruit contains at least 50000 compounds, and C6H12O6 is only one of them.

C6H12O6 behaviour is absolutely dependent on any of the 50000 components.

Fructose designed by man lacks all these components. Therefore it’s dysfunctional.

We all know fruit contains elements essential for life.

Just ask yourself…

Why would the supreme intelligence create a fruit with all life giving components, and then add to it life destroying fructose.

And I haven’t even mentioned the existential corner stone; the presence of living energy in the fruit.

Living energy is the alpha and the omega of everything. Without it nothing that exists can be put into proper perspective.

So, because of the presence of all required components in the fruit, negative effects of fructose (if any) are mitigated.

Besides, I haven’t seen or heard about an obese fruitarian. Have you?

However, word of caution

In a world created by the supreme intelligence, we could eat any edible food as much as we want, and never eat too much. The perfect nutrition in the food facilitates perfect communication between the cells in the body.

Therefore, the body tells us when to eat and when to stop.

Alas, we are not living in the world created by supreme intelligence. We are living in the world modified by unintelligent man.

Our body is damaged even before we are born.

The fruit we eat is a cheap modification of the original.

Hence, eat fruit in moderation. And never mix it with any other food.

Eating organically grown natural food is still the best option available to us, despite its shortcomings.

What do you think?


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